Thai Massage

The Healthy Thai Massage Centre and beauty salon in Waterford City, Ireland. Providing authentic Thai massage and beauty treatments in our clean, comfortable salon. Stockists of Thai beauty supplements, teas and authentic Aloe Vera treatments.

Welcome to the Healthy Thai Massage Centre

Authentic Thai Massage

This massage will help improve circulation, and can help to relieve muscle, joint, waist, back, shoulder, neck and head pain. In addition, it can promote relief from headaches and migraines. Authentic Thai Massage is a medium to strong massage

Hot Herbal Oil Massage/Aromatherapy

This hot oil massage will help relieve swelling, pain and stiffness from inflamed muscles and joints. The natural aromatic oils used in this massage also help relaxation through aromatherapy. It also helps to improve joint mobility and muscle relaxation for more effective blood circulation. The natural oils we use can be very beneficial for skin complaints

Pure Oil Massage

The Pure Oil Massage will help you relax from the stresses of everyday life and will relieve tension in your shoulders, neck and back. The deep relaxation can be very helpful in the relief of migranes or frequent headaches.

Reflexology or Foot Massage

Reflexology helps promote effective blood circulation by stimulating nerve endings in the foot. Reflexology helps encourage the balance of hormones to promote better health. After we have massaged your feet, we will massage your neck, shoulder and head to make you feel completely relaxed.

Back Massage

A quick treatment, ideal if you are under pressure and need relieve tension or aches in your legs, hips, waist, shoulders or neck. As with all our massage treatments, this treatment can be very helpful in the relief of migranes or frequent headaches. This massage treatment will promote better circulation to the brain, helping you feel much more alert, clear headed and totally relaxed.

After your treatment, we will serve you a herbal drink for better health and blood circulation. You will be very relaxed and healthy. We also sell authentic Thai herbal supplements, drinks and teas.

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Tel 051 870864

130 The Quay
Waterford City


Treatment Time Price
Authentic Thai Massage 60m €50
Authentic Thai Massage 90m €75
Pure Oil Massage 60m €50
Pure Oil Massage 90m €75
Hot Oil Aroma Massage 60m €60
Hot Oil Aroma Massage 90m €90
Thai and Oil Massage 60m €50
Thai and Oil Massage 90m €75
Facial Scrub Massage 30m €40
Back, Neck, Shoulder and Head Massage 30m €30
Reflexology Foot Massage 60m €50
Womens' Manicure
(unlimited time)
- €25
Womens' Pedicure
(unlimited time)
- €25
Mens' Manicure
(unlimited time)
- €10
Mens' Pedicure
(unlimited time)
- €10

Health & Beauty Products

We stock a range of authentic Aloe Vera and Thai herbal teas, juices, skincare and beauty products.

Our highly trained therapists can advise on the ideal products for you.

Authentic Thai and Aloe Vera products at the Healthy Thai Massage Centre, Waterford